Make A Difference! Volunteer!

CCAS Volunteer Opportunities:

Animal Caretaking: You will clean our homes and feed us. We really love to eat.

Animal Socializer: You will spend time petting, playing, and loving us. We need as much attention as you can give us and we will give you our love in return.

Board of Directors Want to devote more time to the direction of the shelter? Consider becoming a member of the board of directors.

Here is the form to fill out:

Application Form
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Dog Trainer: You will teach us basic obedience. We love to get treats for doing what we are supposed to, but you may have to help us understand the treat system.

Dog Walkers: You will walk with us, play with us, or run with us. We hope that you donít wear out before we do.

Groomers: You will brush and bathe us. We love to feel clean.

Laundry & Cleaning Assistants: You will wash, dry, and fold our towels, blankets, and toys, wash our dirty dishes, and sweep our floors.

Office Help: You will answer our phone and assist our manager as she needs help. We love our manager and know that she needs help finding all of us homes.

Groundskeeper: You will tend to our grass, snow, flowers, and trees. We are love to play outside in snow or grass, so we would love to have you keep it looking nice for us.

Fundraisers: You will help our committee fundraise or obtain grants to keep our lights on and food in our bellies.

Ad Sponsors: You will donate money to keep our weekly newspaper ad going, so we can find our new families. The weekly ad costs us $40.

Thank you to the following people for your volunteering, donations (both monetary and supplies), and support of the Clarke County Animal Shelter in January 2012: Willadene Smith, Jeff & Sara Smith, Deb Gray, Thomas Manning, Phil & Judy Coe, Bob and Elizabeth Reynoldson & boys, K. Hollingsworth, B. Crebassa, Sarah Haas, Jim & Mary Ellen Kimball, Friday Insurance, Linda Reynolds, Jane Nosal, Mike & Phyllis Mains, Sue Modeland, Kris Lehmkuhl, Stephanie Snell, Brook Lundy, Jennifer Nelson, Tony & Ginny Caligiuri, Sara Houchins, Mrs. Gary Jones, Linda Shelton, Dotti VanWerden, Tim Mains, Dylan Webb, Elders, Ann Taylor, Taylor Ehrhardt, Whitney Olney, Marlen Burgus, Dakota Davis, Kaylee B., Kolton Johnson, Will Mongar, Joshua and Justin, Bill Gusman, Alex Stine, and Bob Brownlee!

Help provide a bed for our dogs
just click on the link below:

125 East Ayers Street
Osceola, IA 50213

Email: clarkeshelter@windstream.net
Phone #: (641) 342-1180

If you would like to be added to our mailing list,
just send us your email address!

Our mission is to help abandon or unwanted dogs and cats to find good loving homes. We encourage our community to spay/neuter their animals to help control the pet population. Our shelter runs on volunteers and donations from individuals, businesses, grants, and corporations. We believe that every domestic animal deserves a happy and healthy life in a good home.



All Volunteers are Purr-fect & GREATLY Appreciated!